Ash Trees

Ash Trees

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Ash is the common name for any of various trees or shrubs of the genus Fraxinus of the flowering plant family Oleacea, characterized by opposite leaves that may be simple or pinnately-compound. Ash trees are fast growing trees, usually medium to large in height, and mostly deciduous though a few subtropical species are evergreen. These trees grow between 13 and 24 inches every year to an eventual height of 50 to 80 feet. The seeds of ashes, popularly known as keys, are a type of fruit known as a samara.

Thriving in a variety of soils and climates, the ash tree makes a perfect tree for almost anywhere. The ash is often used in residential properties and parks because of their size, and the amount of shade they provide. Preferring full sun, it grows well in acidic, alkaline, loamy, sandy, wet, moist, and well-drained soils. The term ash is also used for the wood of these plants which is hard, tough, and very strong, yet is elastic.