Nature Hills Nursery Customer Reviews

Last updated March 4, 2016 

"The meyer lemon I bought showed up with 4 little lemons already on it. I brought it inside recently because of cold weather & it dropped a few leaves, apparently from the transition. It's since recovered & is now blooming.  There's about 12 blooms open & the citrust aroma is amazing. Thanks Nature Hills!"

- Derek H.

"I bought 2 weeping willows a month ago and they are growing fast I love them highly recommend Nature Hills Nursery."

- Amanda K.

"I ordered a Pomegranate Wonderful bare root tree. Arrived in good condition and well packaged. Planted in a pot and it is now flourishing. Beautiful, lush, shiny leaves. Can't wait for the fruit. Yum. THANKS."

- Lee B.

"Everything arrived in excellent condition and has survived our harsh Nevada climate. The care in packing (wrapped before shipping) has made the difference. Thank you so much."

- Marlene H.

"I have one of your hybrid poplars, great quality. I put it in the ground on a Sunday and by Tuesday the buds were swelling and turning green. I'm very happy and excited. Will tell others about you. Thanks."

- Brenda T.

"I have purchased things in the past and am always pleased.  Also when I see the Norton Guarantee I know I can trust this sight.  Thank You.."

- Sharyl A.

"Found amazing plants that I can not find in box stores. I am now a nature hills junkie."

- Pete S.

"I received two very nice apple trees and was pleased with the sturdy look of these plants. I planted them right away and they are budding and doing well. Although they were pricey by the time you add in shipping I'm happy with my purchase. Thanks Nature Hills for a nice product.."

- Angie P.

"I have just received my Haas Avocado tree. It arrived in wonderful condition! I have ordered 3 Haas trees in the past from another nursery - they all died. The root system was very sparse. The root system on the tree from your nursery is very mature. I finally have a tree I know will grow beautifully. Thank you so much!"

- Cathy D

"Plants arrived in excellent condition. This is my first try with Darrow Blackberries. The plants arrived with new growth already. I have always had good luck with plants I purchase from Nature Hills, so I do not worry about trying new plants."

- Bonnie B

"Thank you! I have bought plants from you for years and have always been very happy with your service."

- Debbie C

"Very happy with the first Spice Bush I ordered. Much bigger than I expected and they are so hard to find."

- Susan P

"Wonderful! I always find more than I need, and always find exactly what I want!!! Thank you!"

- Lillee A

"I have been very satisfied with your plants on previous orders."

- Harry S

"I had a question and called their 800 number on the website and got to talk to an actual person who answered my question within 2 minutes.  Very good experience."

- Tisha K

"Very educational and accessible to people with little-to no gardening experience - such as myself! The shopping experience was so superb that I purchased three times more than I had originally intended. Thanks!!!"

- Ellen S

"I grew up enjoying the fragrance of a Lilac bush in my backyard. After looking at many nursery sites, I finally found one at Nature Hiils. Thank you!"

- Carrie H

"My one past order was wonderful, looking forward to this order, thank you."

- Pamela H

"Good shopping experience. This is my second order."

- Nette F

"Nature Hills always delivers excellent quality plants."

- Bonnie B

"I trust the quality and value of Nature Hills."

- Karen B

"I received trees from you a couple of years back. They are great, and I will continue to shop with you. Your prices are a little higher than others, but you have my trust in your product."

- Nicola L

"I just received a Blue Chinese Wisteria tree for my birthday from my sister. Can't wait to plant it! I have never gotten an actual plant in the mail.It was packaged in a large box and tied inside so it wouldn't shift around .So excited!"

- Kim S

"I like to buy from Nature Hills because I can get large-sized plants.  Usually mail-order nurseries will only send smaller-size plants.  When I buy fruit or nut trees/shrubs I prefer to buy ones that will mature sooner than later."

- Morris C

"When I ordered the Rose of Sharon Blue Chiffon tree form the pics on the web pages showed single flowers but when I got it it was the double...They said it was a mistake by the web site person..They let me keep the plant and give me 50% back of my credit card. wow such nice people..will def. shop here again..thank you so very much."

- Toni-M

"It's beautiful tree. thank you so much for the great service, and a quality product."

- Jeanette M

"I have always found it easy to shop with Nature Hills and find their packaging of my products to be superb. Thank you!"

- Carrie S

"The plants and trees I received were big and healthy and well worth the price.  Plants I had ordered from another company were way smaller and same price and unfortunately they didn't survive.  Now I only order from Nature's Hill!!!"

- N. L.

"I am looking forward to receiving my Bing Cherry tree in hopes of having hearty cherries in the near future.  I have ordered from Nature Hills in the past and have had very good service from them."

- Bev P

"I am ordering more Rose of Sharon bushes.  I've ordered four so far and they've all grown superbly."

- Bill H

"I had placed a call about a product and it was an exceptionally pleasant experience."

- Patricia R

"I've been looking for a serviceberry tree locally for awhile, but could only find serviceberry bushes. Glad I found a tree."

- Rich L

"Talked to a very helpful woman about a lilac before buying.  She was well informed and extremely pleasant."

- Catherine W

"The hardest part was deciding which tree I wanted ! I have purchased here before...2 of the green velvet ordering 2 more, they are hardy and beautiful and definitely retained their color through the entire winter!"

- Suzanne A

"I was pretty skeptical about ordering a tree online, I had never heard of such. The redbud tree I ordered arrived VERY quickly via FedEx. I don't know what I was expecting to show up, but what I received was a skinny little tree. I wish I could attach a picture to this review because I was SO wrong about that skinny little tree. From the first week I put it in the ground it has been growing like mad. I am so super pleased about my order and I will be ordering again in the future."

- Megan S

"I have had good results finding great plants from Nature Hills."

- Stephanie S

"I have ordered a White Pine before from Nature Hills and am very satisy with the tree. The tree is on third year and is doing great.  I decited to continue to purchase from Nature Hills because I am confident that my next purchase will be great just as the previous.."

- Bogdan J

"Always been delighted with the trees I have purchased."

- Annette E

"Easy ordering .. it would be perfect if your were her to dig the holes!! (smile).  looking forward to getting the plants.  several are plants I  have never grown.  if they work - I will be getting more.."

- Paula B

"Always an easy shopping experience."

- Dora P

"I have had good results finding great plants from Nature Hills."

- Stephanie S

"Quick and easy order form and the customer service was outstanding when I called with a question!"

- Jen B

"Nice selection.....only place I could find the sweet bay magnolia tree in a container at a reasonable price."

- Mark S

"returning customer...very pleased with previous purchase"

- Barbara C

"Very informational about autumn blaze red maple tree. Great choices, great prices. Thank you!"

- Lynda M

"The coneflowers I ordered arrived in wonderful condition yesterday. I was surprised at how large the plants were and I'm anxious to get them in the ground today."

- L.H., Ohio

"Thank you for making tree finding less complicated and providing the variety I wanted."

- William B

"I want to complement you on your excellent packing and beautiful healthy plants. My honeysuckles arrived in perfect condition as does everything I order from you."

- Nelda

"Just a quick email to let you know that the Shumard oak you sent me bare-root earlier this spring has done great this year! The best color of any tree on my property. I didn't know how good it would turn out.........and I look forward to seeing this tree getting larger and more beautiful with each passing year!"

- David, Clarksville, IN

"We received our order the other day, and I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the quality of your product. The plants are beautiful, and the packaging is far superior to other products we've ordered via mail. As long as the deer leave these plants alone, I'm sure they'll be a source of delight for years to come. Thank you so much for the work you do, and for the quality you put into raising and shipping your plants."

- Eden

"Thank you so much for not sending poor quality plants. I very much appreciate your honesty and I will be sure to order any future plants earlier in the season, and of course will order from your company. It is nice to know that there are still companies out there that do care more about there customers than a quick profit. Take care."

- Margie

"I just received my shipment from you of sweet basil. It just looks wonderful and I was so impressed with the packaging and the obvious care that this plant has had. I had planted my basil too early this year and it hit a late frost and as a result it died. I work for the Olive Garden and work with this delicate herb, so I know how delightful it is. I'll be ordering again from you in the future and thank you for taking such good care of our natural resources!"

- Sharon, Whitehall, Pa.

"I just want to tell you that your web site is WONDERFUL! I'm planning for next year and I look forward to being a customer. Anyone who puts this much thought and care into the creation of their web site has to have superior products. 

So many web sites just throw things on the web and expect the "customer" to search through everything to find what will work in their garden. You have made it not only easy but enjoyable!

Applause, applause, applause!"

- Ann

"I received the shipment of Dragon Wing Begonias today. They are beautiful plants in excellent condition. I look forward to receiving the Spectrum Hilda Begonias. Thank you."

- Jerlean

"I just received most of the plants of this order..... and wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the quality of the plants. Everything looks spectacular!! This is the first time I have ordered from you and you have now moved to the top of my list. When I start my shopping for fall and next spring, you will be my first choice."

- Jackie

"As I had tried originally to order through (a local) nursery, they were curious about where I had located a supplier. The person who helped me when I took the trees in was very impressed with some type of crystal to hold moisture on the roots. She said that Nature Hills Nursery had done a nice job on packing the root system."

- Pat, CA

"Thank you again for following-up. Companies that follow-up are so few in the landscaping business, I appreciate your professional/customer service philosophy."

- Joyce

"Thank you for your rapid and exemplary resolution to my issue... When I made my first purchase with Nature Hills Nursery, I was leery of the unknown when dealing with a web based company. You have proved that reliability and customer service are still available without the face-to-face interaction that many people rely on. I will be back to make additional purchases and I will refer you to all of my friends. Thanks again"

- Charles, TX

"Thank you very much for your excellent service and for sending the extra trees. I know most companys would not have done this. Thanks again."

- Jeff, MO

"Just wanted to let yo know that the tree arrived right on schedule and is in the ground. Thank you for the prompt service."

- Chet

"I want to thank you for the excellent way you handled my order, sending me proper receipts and notification of when my trees would be delivered by UPS. They arrived today... just as you said. It's unusual these days, particularly on the internet, to get such prompt, honest, efficient service. In the past with other nursery services, even very large ones, I've found it difficult to find out exactly when the order would arrive or if all of it would be included. I've had some stock arrive in such a dry condition none of it lived; sometimes "substitutions" I didn't authorize are sent. Your trees were well packed and damp. Thanks very much."

- Jean, TX

"I received the seedlings (russian olives and lombardy poplars) and saplings (austrian pines) today. they look GREAT! Thanks"

- Anne-Marie

"I would like to tell you I really like your web site. It is user friendly. And the very first time to your site I bought some trees. Thank you for putting it together."

- Gene

"I also want you to know how proud I am that the other 6 trees are doing well. I smiled every time I saw the littlest sign of life in each one of them. That was kind of like watching a baby be born and take life and grow....The green ash seems to be the best producing so far, but the others are doing great also. I'm 46 years old and am just now starting to landscape my property with flowers shrubs and trees. I like your service, and shipping quality was outstanding. I am very surprised at how fast your support is. Thanks for responding so quickly and for standing up to the warranty. That's what will make doing business with you so great!!! Keep up the good work and may your online business be very fruitful!"

- Ronald

"I got the Black Walnut Trees I ordered from you. I am very pleased. They came on the 1st ( as you said they would). I was very surprised with the quality and health of the trees. I have ordered other trees from other places and they did not even compare. I will be ordering from you in the future. Thanks for the great product."

- Chris R

"The blue spruce trees have been planted. I followed the curve of the road and they look great. Thanks."

-J. Hill

"I received my order of blue spruce pine trees on Thursday. They were as nice as you said they were. I’d definitely buy from your company again. Thanks."

-Emery S.
Greensburg, PA

"I just planted my trees and they look great! It was a pleasure speaking with you folks on the phone. I asked a lot of questions and you answered each one very cheerfully. Thank you for the beautiful trees…"

-D.M, Iowa

"I was at first skeptical purchasing bare root trees as I have never seen a bare root tree before. Your prices compared to the local nursery were just too good to pass up so I ordered some Blue Spruces and some Scotch Pines from your website. I figured what the heck, I’m not laying out much money if they don’t grow. Well when the trees arrived I was amazed at the size. Now a few months later I’m more amazed that they are all growing and very healthy. I have recommended your site to many people. Thanks for saving me money!"

-J.C. , South Dakota

"Just a short note to let you know that the 25 River Birch trees I ordered from you arrived and I was very happy with the quality of the trees."

-R.L.W. Washington

"It doesn’t happen often but you folks exceed my expectations and you deserve to know it! The quality was great, the sizes were what you said they would be and you delivered when you said you would."

-M.K., Iowa

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