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Pick Delicious Figs From Your Own Tree!

Some people say that figs are an acquired taste. Those people are usually ones who have never tried a Black Mission Fig (Ficus carica 'Mission'). Once you taste a fresh Black Mission Fig from your own tree, you will wonder why you haven’t been growing these for years!

These fruit trees grow well in zones 7 – 10 and are as beautiful as they are prolific. Gently cascading branches crown the small tree and that gets as wide as it does tall. (30ft x 30ft.) It takes pruning well, though, and be kept successfully scaled to your garden size. It even does great in pots! (This means that if you don’t live in a warmer zone, you can still grow it – just bring it inside to a sunny room during the winter.)

Black Mission Fig tree care is easy. They generally give you two harvests a year – spring and fall – and don’t require a lot of fuss to keep them looking and performing their best.

Whether you like dried Black Mission Figs or growing your own organic Black Mission Figs, you will enjoy all of the Black Mission Figs benefits.

* Tons of fruit
* Two harvests - fall and spring
* Easy care
* Does well in pots
* Hardy and long-lived

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Black Mission Fig Tree Is Suited to Grow in Zones 7 - 10
Growing Zones 7 - 10
More Information
Botanical NameFicus carica 'Mission'
Zones7, 8, 9
Height20 - 40 feet
Mature Height20 - 35 feet
Mature Spread20 - 35 feet
Spread20 - 40 feet
Soil TypeWell-Drained
MoistureKeep Moist
Growth RateMedium